Railway Transportation

Agricultural Commodities

With over 12 thousand kilometers of rail network and direct connections to the Brazilian ports of Santos, Paranaguá, São Francisco do Sul and Rio Grande, Rumo guarantees greater agility in the transport of sugar, fertilizers, grains and derivatives, that come from the main agricultural regions in Brazil.

Rumo‘s infrastructure enables both the import and export of products.

Some of Rumo‘s main agricultural commodities clients are ADM, Amaggi, Bunge, Cargill, Copersucar, Dreyfus, Trevo and Usina Santa Terezinha.

Main products transported: Fertilizers, corn, wheat, soybean, bran, vegetable oil and sugar.

Fuel - Ethanol

Products transported: Fuel (derivatives) and ethanol

Our fuel logistics (clear derivatives - gasoline and diesel) operation begins in the main refineries in the Southern region of Brazil and in São Paulo and transports the commodities to consumption areas in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. Ethanol comes from São Paulo and is distributed to the Southern region of the country.

For the vegetable oil segment, products are channeled to the ports of Paranaguá, São Francisco, Santos and Rio Grande, in partnership with the largest players in the sector, such as Bunge, Cargill, Coinbra, Agrenco and Imcop.

- Main clients: Petrobras, Raízen, Ipiranga, Ipiranga, Alesat, Latina e CPA.

Final Goods

We transport products with greater added value in several segments: Construction, Steel, Forestry, Consumption, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, and Containers.

Rumo‘s operations have been growing in this segment due to its know-how and consolidated logistics structure that support its operations, allowing the Company to offer complete logistics services according to the needs of each client. Some of Rumo‘s main competitive advantages are:

. Multimodal operations, making the best use of each mode.

. Strategically located warehouses and distribution centers.

. Access to the main ports of the country: Santos, Paranaguá, São Francisco do Sul and Rio Grande.

. Proprietary, aggregated and third-party trucks to meet the needs of its clients.

. Operating efficiency with the best cost-to-benefit ratio.

Some of the main clients of the segment include: Braskem, Camargo Corrêa, Camil, Cimento Ribeirão, Rio Tinto, CSN, Gerdau, Belgo Mineira, Gonvarri, Grupo Votorantim, Ipiranga, Josapar, Klabin, Masisa, Sadia, Vega do Sul, MCR, Vetorial, Frangosul, Seara, Renault and Unilever.

We Haul

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