Corporate University

Created in 2000, the Corporate University is the institution that supports Rumo’s training, recycling and development model. It was designed to attend to the training needs of new employees by offering technical training courses and improvements to the railway system, particularly in the services rendered by the company. With time, the Corporate University has developed and improved programs and processes affecting different levels of the company. To meet Rumo’s training and development needs, the Corporate University offers a suitable learning structure with modern education models that prioritize knowledge and experiential learning as the most effective forms of training.

The Corporate University’s training program is process-based, i.e., its planning is in line with the company’s business objectives and designed to meet the company’s long-term needs. With this approach, the Corporate University also corrects training deficits in the formal market, especially in the railway logistics and intermodal services segment.

The Corporate University’s training and development programs are divided into three focus areas:


Oversees implementation, training and improvement relative to the company’s key programs, such as the Integrated Management System (SIG), Internal Audit, Six Sigma - and its segmentation into Red, White, Yellow, Green and Black Belts, to almost all the employees of the company - in addition to Routine Advisory and Media Training. In the last two years, almost 4 thousand employees have been trained in the Six Sigma system and, in 2008, over 2.3 thousand employees attended the Routine Advisory training.


Offers training courses and specific training in areas of interest to the company, such as the training of supervisors, production operators, drivers, technicians, drivers, driver recycling, among others. For the technical training modules, the first stage lasts one year and is carried out at Senai, with basic and conceptual trainings and introductions to theories related to the mechanics, electronics and metrology. The second stage is entirely developed at the Corporate University and focuses on building on knowledge specific to the sector. Both stages include a total of more than 560 hours of training.

Special Programs

Programs include Rumo on the Education Track, which supports the formal education of employees who have not yet finished university studies. The company has nine centers located within its operational to serve those employees enrolled in the program and has partnerships with educational institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Since the program began in 2002, 445 employees have graduated with the company’s support.