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Environmental Licenses

Rumo is currently engaged in efforts to comply with environmental regulations and to obtain licenses for its railway network and associated support base. To achieve these objectives, the Company has prepared environmental studies and risk analyses for all of its operations. Rumo was the first railway concessionaire in Brazil to receive Ibama’s Corrective Operational License in the Serra do Mar section of its network, from runs from Curitiba to ParanaguŠ (ParanŠ state).

Effluent Treatment Systems

Rumo treats the effluents generated from the washing of it locomotives and railcars. The Company currently has 13 effluent treatment centers and over 15 boxes to separate water from oil in its facilities. The effluents are monitored on a monthly basis through analyses carried out by duly recognized laboratories.

Solid Waste Management

Rumo has a solid waste management system in every generating unit. Recycling waste, such as the lubricating oil used in the company’s operations, is sent to recycling centers.

Class I waste is sent to licensed industrial landfills or to co-processors. The Company has also implemented the TAKE PART AND RECYCLE Program, which collects and recycles batteries, sending them to recycling and reprocessing centers. Light bulbs are sent to companies that decontaminate and recycle them

Catchment and Use of Rainwater

The Company has implemented six systems to catch rainwater. These are strategically located in places that require the higher levels of water use for washing locomotives and railcars. The system, implemented without using electricity or pumps, relies on gravity to capture the water.

Employee’s Training

Employees receive training in specific environment modules, depending on the needs of specific operations, such as recycling, refueling of locomotives and trucks, destination of solid waste, emergencies and reduction in the consumption of water and electricity.

Environmental Audits

On a bi-monthly basis, every Rumo operating units carry out environmental audits by external professionals. The audits are done using checklists that are updated based on the environmental regulations. The objective of these audits is to continuously improve processes.

Ecological Railroad Ties

Since the Company became secured the concession pertaining to the southern portion of the rail network (ParanŠ, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul), it has been seeking new technologies to replace native wood rail ties.


Since 2000, the company has been testing reforested eucalyptus ties and since then ties made from Eucalyptus sp. have met 99% of the company’s need.

Between 2001 and 2003, the organization continued to purchase Eucalyptus sp. Ties. In the following year, 2004, the concessionaire purchased its own forest and, since then, the Company’s entire supply of Eucalyptus sp. ties have come from forests on its lands.