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Rail Network Safety Campaigns

Since the beginning of safety campaigns, in 2001, the measures taken already contributed to reduce by over 50% of accidents of crossing grades in six states where the Company operates. The campaign reaches the CROSSING GRADES, SCHOOLS and COMMUNITIES, and aims at guiding and raising awareness in the population, reminding them that one is not supposed to walk or do any sort of activity on the rail and that the rail network is yield.

At Railroad Crossings

Rumo’s rail network safety campaigns aim at minimizing the risk of accidents involving vehicles and trains at railroad crossings. Every year, the company makes a list of the most critical railroad crossings (criteria to decide whether a crossing is critical include: visibility, collision history, vehicle traffic and proximity to schools) and holds awareness "blitze" at those intersections.

During this actions, Rumo’s volunteers distribute educational materials instructing drivers and pedestrians on railway safety. Awareness campaigns at railroad crossings have been carried out for several years and have already reached over 1 million people.

Main safety tips:
- When hearing the train whistle, be aware, since this means that the train is approaching.
- Trains have the right-of-way. Do not stop before crossing the tracks, since this infraction could cause you to lose seven points off your driver’s license and to be fined 180 UFIR.
- Never park near the railroad line.
- Never drive after drinking or after using other drugs.
- Respect speed limits. Being in a hurry can be harmful to your health.

In Schools

Rumo has created child-appropriate materials for safety lecturers at schools located near the railways. Rumo volunteers go to the schools and give brief presentation on key safety tips to primary school children.

In 2009, over 63 thousand children will benefit from the lectures in the six states where the Company operates.

Know 2009 Campaign. Download the presentation and show it in your community or in your school. Be a friend of trains! (materials for download).

In the Community

In order to discourage the train surfing in 2009 the Company launched 2009 a campaign aimed at preventing this practice. Rumo volunteers go to the surrounding communities, distribute educational material and warn the population regarding the risks associated with train surfing.

The states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo (interior) and the Santos region are among the regions with the highest incidence of train surfing.