Rumo‘s supply area is strongly committed to building a group of suppliers recognized for their suitability, superior service and quality of their products and services who will participate in the great project of building a future for railways in our country. The contractually involved companies and suppliers of materials, equipment and services that meet the requirements and fulfill all stages of the qualification process are the partners materializing our projects.

For a service provider or input supplier company to join this group and participate in this great challenge, they must submit details required to be eligible for the Supplier Portal, following the guidelines posted there. All information will be forwarded to our Supplies team for quotations and negotiations.

If Rumo does not make contact within one (1) year, supplier data will be automatically deleted from the portal. Therefore, to keep records up to date if it they expire, suppliers must watch this deadline and re-enter their details in the system if their records expire.

Procedure step by step

Before filling out data on the Portal, note the following guidelines:

1) Check the list of documents required and arrange to have them loaded into the system.

2) Keep up to date with legal obligations, especially the labor and employment, tax, social security and environmental aspects;

3) Fill out data for the corporate taxpayer number (CNPJ used. For example: for subsidiaries, enter their data and documents;

4) If there are any questions about the ratification process, please contact our support line (19) 3403-5000 or (19) 3403-5001

01 Pre-Registration on the Portal

  • Fill out the registration information required on the Portal; attach the required documents, and define the scope of products or services to be supplied;
  • Once the above has been completed, the legal representative will be given a provisional login and password to proceed to pre-registration, which will consist of:
  • Attaching additional documents as required on the Portal;
  • Answer the self-assessment questionnaire items for Social Responsibility, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

Details filled out on the Portal will be available to our Supply team, who will be in charge of procurement of goods and services. If there is interest and need, suppliers‘ company details may be assessed.

02 Request for Assessment

If the Supply team asks for an assessment of your company details to move forward with the ratification process, the following steps must be followed on the Supplier Portal.

  • Analysis of all documents and information your company has posted during the pre-registration phase by Rumo‘s Supplier Management department;
  • Your company‘s acceptance for the "Portal Use Policy" and electronic signature on " General Conditions" field on the Portal;
  • Depending on the scope of supply informed, an assessment of the company‘s details will be required. This assessment made by Bernhoeft Auditores-RJ ( involves filling out additional information and requesting additional documents to be entered through the Portal, taking into account labor and employment, social security, tax and financial aspects. This analysis costs R$150.00 (one hundred and fifty Reais) to be paid by your company directly to Bernhoeft

If you have any questions about this assessment, please contact Bernhoeft at (81) 2126-1400.

03 Registering for Rumo‘s supplier database

Your company will be registered in our supplier database if there are no irregularities in the previous steps.

Approval of the registration process means that the supplier meets requirements set by Rumo for Quality Management, OH&S, Finance, Legal, etc.

For effective participation in our quotation processes for supplies of certain materials (for example, industrial inputs or packaging), a technical assessment of materials by our team will be needed in addition to the abovementioned assessment of the company‘s details.

Important: Rumo reserves the right to contact registered companies depending on the demands to be filled. Pre-registration does not imply quotations and/or business with your company on all occasions, nor does it authorize you to be posed for the market as a supplier of Rumo and/or recommended by Rumo to provide goods and services to other companies.


Suppliers of equipment, materials and services are generally registered through the Supplier Portal following the procedure stated in the Suppliers of Materials and Services section.

For certain types of supply, the registration process is not covered by this portal, namely:

  • Suppliers engaged directly by COSAN economic conglomerate to provide services for Rumo ALL (temporary ratification);
  • Intercompany companies;
  • Fuels;
  • State utilities and concessionaires (Example: electricity, water, telephony, etc.)
  • Associations and Labor Unions;
  • Consulting services of any nature, legal services, HR, communication, advertising, training, etc.
  • Suppliers of Materials, Supplies and International Services;
  • Private person;
  • Logistics services not engaged by the Supplies area;

In these cases, the supplier registration process is defined by our specific departments based on their internal demands and strategies.


List of documents required to provide information on the Supplier Portal:

Documents Required

  • Corporate Taxpayer Card (CNPJ);
  • Interstate Operations Integrated Information System (Sintegra) certification, if there is State Registration;
  • Municipal Registration, depending on the municipal tax classification.
  • Banking documents (company account): copy of check or bank statement (header only), or debit/credit card, or letterhead bearing bank manager‘s signature; details should relate to the CNPJ used. For example: subsidiaries must forward their details and documents.
  • Declaration concerning "Simples" simplified tax regime, if opting for this;
  • Articles of association or latest restated amendment; or bylaws (for publicly-held companies (S.A.))
  • Certificate from the Commercial Registry or Registry of Deeds and Documents;
  • Employee severance fund (FGTS) certificate;
  • Social security (INSS) certificate;
  • Permit/Sanitary Surveillance License;

Additional Documents

  • • Joint Certificate from the Federal Tax Authority/Ministry of Finance;
  • • Environmental Risk Prevention Program (local acronym PPRA);
  • • Occupational Health Control Program (PCMSO);
  • • ISO 9001 certification;
  • • ISO 14001 certification;
  • • OHSAS 18001 certification;
  • • SA 8000 certification;
  • • Legal entity registration certificate with regional professional councils such as CREA CRQ, and CRN;

Company Information Assessment Documents

  • • Company information (legal information);
  • • Executive Board Information;
  • • Certification showing there is no labor/employment debt (CNDT);
  • • Municipal certification;
  • • State certification;
  • • Supplier and customer information;
  • • Financial dependence
  • • Full default report - SERASA
  • • Import and export information;
  • • Economic conglomerate;
  • • Company‘s equity;
  • • Insurance;
  • • Bank details;
  • • Financial data (gross monthly sales over the latest 12 months);
  • • Balance sheets for the last three years;
  • • Company productivity data;
  • • Proof of payment from Bernhoeft.

To ensure the quality of the documents, we provide a booklet to assist in identifying the requested documents. Click here.

Depending on the material and/or service provided, some of the additional documents and information may be mandatory.

Guidelines and Policies

This page contains guidelines and policies summarizing mandatory requirements for accident prevention and maintenance of information security that apply to contractors and suppliers of materials, equipment and services.

The main purpose of this summary of rules and procedures is to ensure the proper use of Rumo‘s information and prevent accidents or inadequate working conditions that may cause environmental damage or harm property or that may be detrimental to both company personnel, the general public and suppliers.

These guidelines and policies apply to any and all contractual relationship with Rumo and are part of the General Terms and Conditions. Specific guidelines and policies may also apply. For further details, consult your business and/or OH&S interface.